Elderly women can be less likely to cigarette smoking or even enjoys smoked tobacco compared to elderly males

Senior females were not likely than elder males to be most recent smokers or even to has actually used in their lifestyle. On the 2013–2014 Canadian People Wellness Questionnaire, 8.8% of women old 65 as well as over claimed smoking already, sometimes regularly or from time to time, compared to 10.8% from exact same-old people (Desk 15). Older ladies was basically and additionally unlikely than just its male competitors to help you have previously smoked in their life (54.2% versus 77.3%).

Elderly elderly ladies was less likely than simply younger senior people to help you become newest smokers, or perhaps to keeps smoked inside their lives. Such as for instance, step 3.0% Elizabeth of females old 85 as well as reported getting current smokers, compared to 11.1% of women old 65 in order to 74. Similarly, while 39.4% of women aged 85 and over had smoked in their existence, this is claimed by 58.4% of females aged 65 in order to 74.

Such as for instance women, elderly elder males was indeed less likely than more youthful older males to getting smokers. Although not, old elder people just weren’t mathematically more unlikely than simply younger elder boys having smoked within lifestyle.

Not even half out-of elder ladies are myself active

This new Canadian Community Wellness Questionnaire categorizes respondents toward about three classes (productive, modestly energetic, otherwise lifeless), considering the mediocre day-after-day time cost Note 59 during the leisure and you may transport situations in the three months before this new questionnaire.

Fewer than half (43.5%) away from elderly lady aged 65 as well as over were classified due to the fact productive or meagerly mixed up in 2013–2014 Canadian People Health Questionnaire (Chart 20). The newest proportion regarding older ladies who was indeed active otherwise sparingly active declined with age. When you are 48.7% of women aged 65 to help you 74 had been active otherwise modestly energetic, brand new proportion dropped to help you 25.6% for females old 85 as well as.

The fresh ratio from elder people have been effective otherwise sparingly energetic also decreased with age. However, elder boys have been more likely than just senior women as active otherwise sparingly effective. Certainly elderly people old 65 and over, 54.1% of men, compared with 43.5% of females, was in fact productive or moderately productive. That it improvement was also noticed contained in this faster age groupings. Instance, nearly you to definitely-3rd of males old 85 as well as over was basically productive or sparingly energetic, weighed against around that-quarter out-of exact same-aged people.

More 8 within the ten senior men and women provides on the very least one to persistent health condition

Inside the 2013–2014, 84.4% of elderly girls surviving in private households had at least one chronic health, that’s, a condition which enjoys survived or is expected to past six weeks or even more hence has been detected from the a medical elite (Desk sixteen). Mention sixty The probability of with a minumum of one chronic standing enhanced as we age. While you are 80.9% of females aged 65 in order to 74 had at least one persistent health issue, the ratio for women old 85 as well as over are 91.0%.

Complete, a smaller sized proportion (82.2%) away from elderly boys than elder girls had a minumum of one persistent health issue. But not, this sex variation was only statistically high among 75 so you’re able to 84 seasons olds.

Raised blood pressure is considered the most well-known persistent health one of elderly females

The preferred persistent health issue certainly one of elderly lady try high blood circulation pressure, reported by the nearly half (forty eight.4%) of women aged 65 as well as (Table sixteen). Raised blood pressure has also been the most used chronic health condition reported of the elderly people (46.5%).

Arthritis is actually the following most commonly advertised chronic health issue certainly elderly female, impacting forty-eight.2% of them aged 65 as well as. Even though joint disease was stated by a smaller sized ratio out of older guys (33.0%) than older females, it had been nevertheless the following most commonly known chronic health issue among older guys.

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