Blog post 76: Motherhood and you may fatherhood is actually fully secure, regardless of the marital status of your mother

Couples feel the right to determine freely and you will responsibly exactly how many children* they want to conceive, and therefore are entitled to the means to access all the info and you can mode requisite so that the take action on the proper. The father and you can mommy have the common and you may unavoidable obligations away from elevating, studies, teaching, keeping and you can taking good care of their children*, therefore the second have the obligation to incorporate worry when the former can’t exercise by themselves. The required and you can correct procedures to be sure the enforceability of one’s obligations to provide alimony will likely be depending by law.

The state pledges full assistance and you may defense for motherhood, as a whole, from the moment off conception, throughout the maternity, birth and the puerperal several months, and you can promises full household members considered attributes predicated on moral and you will medical viewpoints

Post 77: Matrimony, that’s considering totally free consent and absolute equivalence out of liberties and you can financial obligation of your partners, was protected. A constant de facto partnership anywhere between a guy and you can a woman and therefore matches what’s needed based legally shall have a similar consequences as relationship.

Post 78: Children* and teens was full judge individuals and you may will be included in official process of law, areas and regulations, and therefore will respect, be certain that and create this new belongings in that it Structure, regulations, new Meeting on Kid’s Liberties and any other internationally pact that was conducted and ratified because of the Republic inside profession. The state, group and you will neighborhood should guarantee full safety since a total top priority, looking at their finest interest in steps and you can behavior concerning the him or her. The state will give its progressive incorporation to the energetic citizenship, and you will should carry out a national recommendations system towards full safeguards of kids* and you may teenagers.

Brand new modern appointment from the specifications is the mutual obligation from citizens* and also the County throughout portion

Article 79: Young people feel the proper and you may duty as productive participants from the invention techniques. The official, on combined involvement regarding families and you will area, will perform possibilities to turn on the productive changeover towards the mature lifetime, in addition to in particular education to have and you can access to their basic employment, prior to legislation.

Blog post 80: The official will make certain elderly people* a full exercise of the liberties and you will guarantees. The official, on the mutual involvement off household and society, are forced to regard its human dignity, liberty in order to be certain that her or him complete care and attention and you will personal security experts adjust and you can be sure the total well being. Retirement and you will retirement benefits granted from public safety measures shall never be less than the new urban minimal salary. Senior citizens* shall be guaranteed to feel the straight to a genuine work, whenever they mean a desire to functions and are competent to.

Post 81: Anybody which have impairment otherwise special needs contains the directly to the full and you may autonomous take action out-of his or her abilities and you can to help you the consolidation on the family members and you will society. The state, to the shared involvement from family and you may people, pledges him or her value due to their individual self-esteem, equality regarding opportunity and you can high enough functioning standards, and you will should offer their education, education and you will the means to access a job compatible to their updates, relative to law. It is acknowledged you to deaf people have the right to share by themselves and you will share from Venezuelan sign language.

Article 82: Everybody else comes with the right to sufficient, as well as comfy, sanitary property, that have appropriate very important first features, together with an environment such as for example so you’re able to humanize family relations, community and community relationships. The state should offer top priority to parents, and you will shall be certain that them, specifically those that have meager tips, the possibility of access to social regulations and you can borrowing from the bank toward design, purchase or enlargement out-of homes.

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