This followed his subordinate Satoshi Tanaka speaking with reporters in a tavern and using euphemisms for rape to discuss relocating the US Futenma airbase. Satoshi Tanaka was terminated as director of the Okinawa Defense Bureau, and in the cabinet reshuffle of January 13, 2012, Ichikawa was replaced by Naoki Tanaka. They beat her, duct-taped her eyes and mouth shut, and bound her hands. Gill and Harp then raped her, while Ledet claimed he only pretended to do so due to fear of Gill. The incident led to further debate over the continued presence of U.S. forces in Japan. The offenders were tried and convicted in Japanese court by Japanese law, in accordance with the U.S.–Japan Status of Forces Agreement.

  • Her friends used it, while her family and coworkers used her birth name.
  • The battle would officially end on Jun. 22 with the annihilation of the last organized military forces and the suicide of the army’s senior leadership as they pushed their forces to die gloriously.
  • However, at that time, the Japanese largely failed in these attempts, most noticeably in trying to eliminate the Okinawan Language.
  • An illustration of Himeyuri students at the school entrance.
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The students found a grenade and decided that they would pull the pin and die together. They were told if captured, they would be raped and murdered. However, their teacher, Seizen Nakasone persuaded them to wait and surrender instead. He promised, that if he felt something was wrong, he would signal for them to jump off the cliff. From November of 1944 military surgeons were offering nursing education to prepare for the mobilization of the students to work in army hospitals.

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Okinawa is the poorest prefecture in Japan— it has the country’s highest unemployment rate, and 30 percent of Okinawan children live below the poverty line. Many Okinawan women work in the service industry, often in relatively unstable jobs.

When they exploded the space filled with white smoke and people began choking to death. A soldier yelled to urinate into a rag and cover their mouths with it, which Ruri believes saved her life as she crawled on the ground listening to classmates cry and scream, calling out for their mothers, their friends, for water. When the Allies began hitting Okinawa on Mar. 23 with air raids and naval gunfire 222 student nurses and 18 teachers from the school were mobilized.

Those that tried to surrender were as likely to be killed by their own as an American. It rained throughout the evacuation south, which was mostly done at night. Malnutrition led to girls developing a number of ailments including night blindness. Preparing for an amputation; none of these images depict real Himeyuri students but were created for illustrative purposes. Uniforms are based on one displayed in the Himeyuri museum and depicted in their DVD, it appears to be a standard male soldier’s shirt and homemade monpe. These were also just a few thousand among the tens of thousands of Okinawans forced to serve the military. The mission of the army on Okinawa wasn’t to defend the island or its people, but to make taking it as costly as possible and to delay the invasion of mainland Japan.

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The tunnels were unsanitary and the fly-filled stagnant humid air was heavy with the odors of the dead and dying along with their many bodily fluids. No matter how many maggots were removed, wounds always had more and bandages couldn’t be changed often enough. They had assumed the field hospital would be a hospital building with sterile wards and protected under the flag of the Red Cross.

They spoke English and liked to shop at the cavernous PX. Post-war, the United States occupied Okinawa until 1972, twenty years longer than the rest of Japan. Today, Okinawa hosts about half of the 50,000 U.S. service members stationed in the country, a gross disproportion considering the prefecture constitutes only 0.6 percent of the national landmass. Four branches of service are present — the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force — a rare occurrence, I’ve been told. Twenty-nine, Eve was an Okinawan receptionist who lived with her parents in Nago City, on the northern part of the island.

Ladies’ Night: Circling the Bases on Okinawa

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